City Council Meetings

The Easthampton City Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6pm except for June, July and August when they meet only on the first Wednesday. Meetings broadcast live on Channel 20 and are replayed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Channel 20 at 6pm. For further information visit

City Council Rules 8.2.17

City Council Rules 8.2.17

City Council 8.2.17

City Council Appt Subcommittee 6.2.17

City Council Public Safety 8.1.17

City Council Finance 7.19.17

City Council 7.12.17

City Council Public Safety 7.11.17

City Council 6.7.17

City Council 5.31.17

City Council Ordinance 5.24.17

City Council Finance 5.22.17

City Council Finance 5.16.17

City Council Appt 5.17.17

City Council Finance 5.10.17

City Council Ordinance 5.10.17

City Council 5.3.17

City Council Ordinance 4.26.17

City Council Property 4.25.17

City Council 4.19.17

City Council Ordinance 4.12.17

City Council Finance 4.12.17

City Council 4.5.17

City Council Appt 4.5.17

City Council Finance 3.22.17

City Council 3.15.17

City Council Finance 3.8.17

City Council Ordinance 3.8.17

City Council Public Safety 3.7.17

City Council Finance 2.22.17

City Council 3.1.17

City Council Ordinance 2.22.17

City Council 2.15.17

City Council Finance 1.25.17

City Council Ordinance 1.25.17

City Council 1.18.17

City Council Appt 1.18.17

City Council Finance 1.11.17

City Council Ordinance 1.11.17

City Council Appt 1.4.17

City Council 1.4.17

City Council Public Safety 1.3.17

City Council Appt 12.21.16

City Council 12.21.16

City Council Finance 12.14.16

City Council Ordinance 12.14.16

City Council Appointment Subcommittee 12.7.16

City Council 12.7.16

City Council Finance Subcommittee 11.22.16

City Council 11.16.16

City Council Public Safety 11.10.16

City Council Finance 11.9.16

City Council Appt 11.2.16

City Council 11.2.16

City Council Ordinance 10.26.16

City Council Finance 10.26.16

City Council 10.19.16

City Council Ordinance 10.12.16

City Council Finance 10.12.16

City Council Public Safety 10.6.16

City Council 10.5.16

City Council Ordinance 9.28.16

City Council Finance 9.28.16

City Council 9.21.16

City Council Appt 9.21.16

City Council Ordinance 9.14.16

City Council Finance 9.14.16

City Council Public Safety 9.6.16

City Council 9.7.16

City Council 8.3.16

City Council Ordinance 7.13.16

City Council 7.6.16

City Council Finance 6.22.16,City Council 6.1.16,City Council Appt 6.1.16,City Council Public Safety 5.31.16,City Council Ordinance 5.25.16,City Council Finance 5.25.16,City Council Finance 5.24.16,City Council 5.18.16,City Council Finance 5.17.16,City Council Finance 5.11.16,City Council 5.4.16,City Council Appt 5.4.16,City Council Property 5.3.16,Boardwalk Naming Committee 4.29.16,City Council Finance 4.28.16,City Council Property 4.27.16,City Council Public Safety 4.27.16,City Council 4.20.16,City Council Rules 4.19.16,City Council Ordinance 4.18.16,City Council Finance 4.13.16,City Council 4.6.16,City COuncil Property 3.30.16,City Council Public Safety 3.24.16,City Council Finance 3.23.16,City Council Appointment 3.16.16,City Council 3.16.16,City council ordinance 3.9.16,City Council Appointment 3.2.16,City council 3.2.16,City Council Ordinance 2.24.16,City Council Finance 2.24.16,City Council Public Safety 2.18.16,City Council Appt 2.17.16,City Council 2.17.16,City Council Rules 2.11.16,City Council Public Safety 1.28.16,City Council Rules 1.28.16,City Council Ordinance 1.27.16,City Council Finance 1.27.16, City Council 1.20.16,City Council Appt 1.20.16,City Council Finance 1.13.16,City Council Appt 1.6.16,City Council 1.6.16,City Council Orientation 1.6.16,City Council Organizational Meeting 1.4.16,City Council 12.16.15,City Council 12.2.15,City Council Appointment 12.2.15,City Council Appointment 11.18.15,City Council 11.18.15,City Council Public Safety 11.12.15,City Council Finance 11.12.15,City Council 11.4.15,City Council Appointment 11.4.15,City Council Finance Subcommittee 10.28.15,City Council Ordinance 10/28/15,City Council 10.21.15,City Council Public Safety 10.15.15,City Council Ordinance 10.15.15,City Council Finance 10.14.15,City Council Appointment 10.7.15,City Council 10.7.15,City Council Rules 9.29.15,City Council 9.16.15,City Council Rules 9.15.15,City Council Public Safety 9.15.15,City Council 9.2.15,City Council Appointment 9.2.15,City Council Finance 8.12.15,City Council 8.5.15,City Council Appointment 8.5.15,City Council Public Safety 7.30.15,City Council Ordinance 7.28.15,City Council Ordinance 7.15.15,City Council 7.8.15,City Council Appt Subcommittee 6.18.15,City Council 6.17.15,City Council Appt Subcommittee 6.10.15,City Council Finance 6.10.15,City Council Rules 6.10.15,City Council Public Safety 6.9.15,City Council 6.3.15,City Council Appt 6.3.15,City Council Rules 5.28.15,City Council Finance 5.27.15,City Council Property 5.21.15,City Council 5.20.15,City Council Rules 5/14/15,City Council 5/6/15,City Council Finance Subcommittee,City Council Ordinance/Planning Board 4/22/15,City Council Ordinance 4/22/15,City Council Property 4/15/15,City Council Public Safety 4/13/15,City Council Finance 4/8/15,City Council 4/1/15,City Council Appt. 4/1/15,City Council Public Safety 3/26/15,City Council Ordinance 3/25/15,City Council 3/18/15,City Council Appt Subcommittee 3/18/15,City Council Finance 3/11/15,City Council 3/4/15,City Council 2/18/15,City Council Appointment Subcommittee 2/18/15,City Council 2/18/15,City Council Public Safety 2/12/15,City Council Ordinance 2/11/15,City Council Appt 2/4/15,City Council 2/4/15,City Council Finance 1/28/15,City Council Appointment 1/21/15,City Council Ordinance 1/13/15,City Council 1/7/15,City Council Appt Subcommittee 12/17/14,City Council 12/17/14,City Council Finance Subcommittee 12/16/14,City Council Ordinance Subcommittee 12/10/2014,City Council 12/3/14,City Council Appt. Subcommittee 12/3/14,City Council Finance Subcommittee 11/24/14,City Council Property Subcommittee 11/24/14,City Council Public Safety Subcommittee 11/20/14,City Council 11/19/14,City Council 11/12/14,City Council Finance 10/22/14,City Council Appointment Subcommittee 10/15/14,City Council Property Subcommittee 10/8/14,City Council Finance Subcommittee 10/8/14,City Council Appointment Subcommittee 10/1/14,City Council 10/1/14,City Council Ordinance Subcommittee 9/23/14,City Council

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