Easthampton Media welcomes the community of Southampton. Southampton residents can now enjoy the same membership benefits as Easthampton residents. We record government meetings and broadcast local programming on Channel 191. Call today to get your Southampton media project off the ground. 413-203-1360.


Southampton Selectboard 7.18.17

Southampton Selectboard 7.16.17

Southampton East St Bridge Walkthrough

Southampton Selectboard 7.11.17

FCCS July 9 2017

FCCS July 2 2017

Sarah The Fiddler live at Conant Park

Southampton Selectboard 6.27.17

FCCS Bluegrass Sunday

Southampton Selectboard June 13 2017

FCCS June 12 2017

FCCS June 11 2017

FCCS June 4 2017

Southampton Memorial Day Parade

Southampton Selectboard 5.30.17

FCCS May 28 2017

Spring Into Southampton 2017

Southampton Selectboard 5.23.17

FCCS Childrens Service

Southampton Annual Town Meeting 2017

FCCS May 14 2017

FCCS May 7 2017

Town Meeting Informational Session May 2017

Southampton Selectboard 5.2.17

Southampton Selectboard 4.25.17

FCCS 4.23.17

Southampton Selectboard 4.18.17

FCCS 4.16.17

FCCS 4.9.17

FCCS 4.2.17

Southampton Selectboard 3.28.17

FCCS 3.26.17

Southampton Informational Meeting 3.22.17

Southampton Selectboard 3.21.17

FCCS 3.19.17

FCCS 3.12.17

Southampton Selectboard 3.7.17

Allie Giles- Artist In Residence

FCCS 3.5.17

FCCS 2.19.17

Southampton Selectboard 2.21.17

Southampton Smoke Detector Program

Southampton Selectboard 2.14.17

First Congregational Church Of Southampton 2-12-17

First Congregational Church of Southampton 1-29-17

First Congregational Church of Southampton 1-22-17

Southampton Town Meeting 1-24-17

First Congregational Church of Southampton 1-15-17

Southampton Town Meeting Info Session

Southampton First Congregational Church 1-8-17

Southampton Select Board Meeting 1-10-17

Southampton Select Board Meeting 1-5-17

Southampton Select Board Meeting 12-20-16

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Southampton First Congregational Church Service, 12-24-16

Southampton First Congregational Church Service, 1-1-17

First Congregational Church of Southampton, 12-11-16

Southampton Select Board Meting 12-6-16

Holiday PSA (Steve The Elf)

Southampton First Congregational Church 11-27-16

Holiday PSA (1950s Christmas

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-29-16

Southampton First Congregational Church 11-13-16

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-15-16

Easthampton Media Promo (All Your Wildest Dreams)

Celebration - 20 Years Of Great Reading In The New Edwards Public Library

Southampton First Congregational Church 10-30-16

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-1-16

Southampton First Congregational Church 10-23-16

The Edwards Public Library Halloween Party

Southampton Select Board Meeting 10-20-16

Southampton CPA Promo

Southampton CPA Promo

Southampton Town Meeting 10-18-16

First Congregational Church 10.16.16

Town Moderator Information Session 10.13.16

Southampton CPA Works!

Southampton CPA 1 minute Promo

Southampton CPA 30 second Promo

Southampton Selectboard 10.4.16

Southampton Selectboard 9.27.16

Southampton Selectboard 9.21.16

Southampton Selectboard 9.6.16

Down On The Farm: Black Birch Vineyard

Southampton Selectboard 8.30.16

Southampton Selectboard 8.25.16

Southampton Selectboard 8.16.16

Summer Concert Series- Mile 12

Southampton Selectboard 8.11.16

Fractured Fairy Tales

Ready! Set! Woof!

Southampton Original Programming Promo

Une, Deux, Trois, Allez! French Story Hour

Southampton Summer Concert Series: Truck Stop Troubadours

Southampton Select Board Meeting 7-12-16

Ready! Set! Art!

Forest Park Zoo On The Go

Ready! Set! Woof!

Southampton Select Board Meeting 6-30-16

Southampton Summer Concert Series: Sarah The Fiddler

Channel 191 Promo

Southampton Select Board Meeting 6-21-16

Southampton Memorial Day Remembrance, 2016

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 5-31-16 Part 1

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 5-31-16 Part 2

Southampton Town Meeting, May 2016

Stretch Code Meeting

Cook/County Road Conservation Meeting

Southampton Town Meeting Information Session

Southampton Land Conservation Project PSA

Southampton Select Board Meeting 5-3-16 Part 1

Southampton Select Board Meeting 5-3-16 Part 2

Southampton Firefighter's Association Meeting

Southampton Select Board Meeting 4-5-16

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 3-22-16

Southampton Cable Ascertainment Hearing

Leslea Newman: I Carry My Mother (Edwards Library Author Talk)

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 3-8-16

Pay It Forward

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 2-23-16

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 2-9-16 Part 2

Southampton Select Board Meeting, 2-9-16 Part 1

Southampton Special Town Meeting 1-26-16

Southampton Select Board Meeting 1-19-16 Part 2

Southampton Select Board Meeting 1-19-16 Part 1

Southampton Special Town Meeting 1-26-16

Southampton Town Meeting January 2016

Southampton Select Board Meeting 1-7-16

What To Do In Case Of...

Southampton Select Board Meeting 12-15-15

Southampton Select Board Meeting 12-1-15

Down On The Farm: Twin Orchard Farm


Legendary Locals of Holyoke

Art Walk November, 2015: Lauren A. Mills

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-17-15, Part 1

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-17-15, Part 2

Southampton Select Board Meeting 11-3-15

Southampton Town Meeting 10-20-15

Easthampton Media

Get Your Local Government On!

Southampton Select Board Meeting 9-22-15

Southampton Select Board Meeting 10-1-15

Southampton Select Board Meeting 10-8-15

Southampton DOT Meeting 10-14-15

Crime Lab

Kids Helping Kids: Emergency Food Drive

Top Dog

Select Board 7-28-15

Select Board 7-14-15 Part 1

Select Board 7-14-15 Part 2

Select Board 6-30-15

Select Board 6-16-15

Select Board 6-2-15

Select Board 5-26-15

Select Board 5-12-15

Town Meeting Information Session

Select Board 5-5-15

Select Board 5-4-15

Select Board 4-28-15

Southampton Candidate's Forum

Select Board 4-21-15

Select Board 4-16-15

Select Board 4-14-15

Select Board 4-9-15 Part 2

Select Board 4-7-15 Part 1

Select Board 4-7-15 Part 2

Select Board 3-24-15

Select Board 3-10-15

Classic Films Channel 191 Promo

Public Domain Theatre Channel 191 Promo

Select Board 2-24-15

Select Board 2-10-15

Town Meeting 1-20-15

Select Board 1-13-15

Town Meeting Info Session

Edwards Public Library: An Evening with Suzanne Strempek Shea

Why Southampton Needs A Public Safety Complex

Select Board 12-16-14

Select Board 12-2-14

Select Board 11-18-14

Select Board 11-13-14

Easthampton Media PSA

Classic Hollywood Films Promo

Public Domain Theatre Promo

Southampton Is Your Town (Jerry Paquette)

Southampton Is Your Town (Nilda Cohen)

Southampton Is Your Town (Bob Kozub)

Southampton Is Your Town (Robert Floyd)

Select Board 12-02-14

Select Board 11-18-14

Select Board 11-13-14

Select Board 11-4-14

Special Town Meeting 10-24-14

Select Board 10-7-14

Holyoke Special Meeting 9-30-14 Part 1

Holyoke Special Meeting 9-30-14 Part 2

Select Board 9-23-14 Part 1

Select Board 9-23-14 Part 2

Select Board 9-9-14 Part 1

Select Board 9-9-14 Part 2

Select Board 8-26-14

Select Board 8-12-14

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