About Easthampton Media

Easthampton Media is a community media center and public access television station serving the Easthampton and Southampton Massachusetts communities. We provide information, education, community building and free speech opportunities to all who live or work in Easthampton or Southampton.  We are equipped with professional video and television production gear and a studio for members to learn to use to produce their own videos, TV shows, films, podcasts and other non-commercial multimedia projects.

Easthampton Media broadcasts non-commercial content on 4 local TV channels (191, 192, 193 in Easthampton, 191 in Southampton) with an emphasis on content created by the local community. We provide video/TV coverage of many local government meetings to inform and provide government transparency to the residents.

We’re open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
Eastworks Building
116 Pleasant Street, Suite 102
Easthampton, MA

(413) 203-1360

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Easthampton Media Rules and Procedures

Jenn Ramsay - Executive Director

Jenn started at Easthampton Media late November 2018. She serves as Easthampton Media's Executive Director.

Tim Riley - Operations Manager

Tim Riley began working at Easthampton Media as a student in the Fall of 2007. He now serves as Easthampton Media's Operations Manager.

Ryan Arnold – Production Coordinator

Ryan Arnold serves as Easthampton Media’s Production Coordinator

Board of Directors

James Zarvis
Stan Diamond
Ted Perch
Robert Floyd
Peg Conniff
Jonathan Schmidt
Edward Kaler
Bill Lynch