Members gain access to our professional video and film equipment, studio, editing stations and our knowledgeable staff to guide you along in your projects and train you on equipment. Members produce their own videos, TV shows, films, podcasts and other non-commercial multimedia projects. Our local TV channels and Community YouTube page serve as a nonpartisan communications platform for our local community!

All productions utilizing Easthampton Media need to be non-commercial and follow our Rules and Procedures. This includes submitting a final copy for distribution on Easthampton Media TV and web, but you are free to distribute on your own website, social media, other Access TV stations, Film Festivals, etc.

Once you sign up, feel free to contact us to set up a training or consultation for your project!

Easthampton Media Membership dues are $20/year for Easthampton/Southampton residents, $30/year for residents outside EH/SH. Annual dues help sustain our 501c3 nonprofit organization. Noone is turned away from membership for lack of funds, no questions asked.

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