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Wouldn't you like to have access to video and audio production equipment to produce your own programs and televise them…



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Welcome Southampton into our community fold. Southampton residents can have their own voice on Channel 191!  

Community Calendar Submissions

Community Calendar Submissions

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In Studio

In Studio

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In Studio with local host Ted Perch presents area artists and discusses their work.  

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Easthampton Media

Easthampton Media, Charter Channels 191,192 & 193 are community-based, hands-on television.

Our station offers individuals who work or live in Easthampton a unique opportunity to produce their own local programming, with training in the use of our professional video production equipment and live studio production facility. The station is located in White Brook Middle School at 200 Park Street in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Most Recent Videos

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City Council Finance 10.12.16

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Affordable Housing Now

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In Studio- Christy Patrick

In Studio: Roger Patrick

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School Committee 7.26.16

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Planning Board 7.19.16

City Council Ordinance 7.13.16

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Albert Kiesling Remembered

Knack: The Art Of Clever Reuse

Ready! Set! Art!

Forest Park Zoo On The Go

Ready! Set! Woof!

Southampton Summer Concert Series: Sarah The Fiddler

School Committee 6.28.16

Licensing Board 6.27.16

Conservation 6.27.16

In District June 2016

City Council Finance 6.22.16

EDIC 6.21.16

Planning Board 6.21.16

Bookfest 2016- ZineFest!

Check Your Bias episode 4

In Studio- Big Red Frame

Bookfest Storyslam

Free The Children Walk For Water

Check Your Bias episode 2

School Committee 6.14.16

Conservation 6.13.16

2016 Poems & Pints

Awake In The Dream- Living Now

ZBA 6.9.16

Bookfest Interviews

Random Acts Of Poetry

Check Your Bias- Episode 3

City Council 6.1.16

City Council Appt 6.1.16

City Council Public Safety 5.31.16

Awake In The Dream- Sharing The Experiences Of Everyday Mysticism

City Council Ordinance 5.25.16

City Council Finance 5.25.16

City Council Finance 5.24.16

Conservation 5.23.16

CPA 5.19.16

EPSD News & Views- Foreign Exchange

What's on ECAT

City Council 5.18.16

Boardwalk Naming Committee 5.18.16

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School Committee 4.29.16

City Council 5.4.16

City Council Appt 5.4.16

Planning Board 5.3.16

City Council Property 5.3.16

Boardwalk Naming Committee 4.29.16

City Council Finance 4.28.16

9th Annual Cultural Festival

Bookfest-Lust for Life Iggy Pop

Conservation 4.25.16

Bookfest- Terese Svoboda

City Council Property 4.27.16

City Council Public Safety 4.27.16

School Committee 4.26.16

Cpa 4.21.16

City Council 4.20.16

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EDIC 4.19.16

City Council Ordinance 4.18.16

EDIC 4.19.16

ZBA 4.14.16

Our Public Schools Forum

EPSD News & Views

City Council 4.20.16

Planning Board 4.19.16

10 Minute Plays 2016

What Are You Silent For?

Awake In The Dream- Continuing On the Path of the Infinite Way

City Council Finance 4.13.16

School Committee 4.12.16

Conservation 4.11.16

Awake In The Dream: Meeting Joel Along The Path

City Council 4.6.16

Planning Board 4.5.16

Licensing Board 4.4.16

City Council Property 3.30.16

Conservation 3.28.16

CPA 3.24.16

City Council Public Safety 3.24.16

City Council Finance 3.23.16

School Committee Budget Hearing & Regular Session 3.22.16

City Council Appointment 3.16.16

City Council 3.16.16

Planning Board 3.15.16

EDIC 3.15.16

Conservation 3.14.16

City council ordinance 3.9.16

Licensing Board 3.7.16

planning department 3.3.16

Corsello Cooks

Easthampton Year In Review 2015

awake in the dream- opening the door to spirit

awake in the dream- paranormal investigating

City Council Appointment 3.2.16

City council 3.2.16

City Council Ordinance 2.24.16

City Council Finance 2.24.16

Conservation 2.22.16

City Council Public Safety 2.18.16

City Council Appt 2.17.16

City Council 2.17.16

EDIC 2.16.16

Planning Board 2.16.16

City Council Rules 2.11.16

School Committee 2.9.16

Check Your Bias

City Council 2.4.16

EPSD News & Views 3

Licensing Board 2.1.16

City Council Public Safety 1.28.16

City Council Rules 1.28.16

City Council Ordinance 1.27.16

City Council Finance 1.27.16

School Committee 1.26.16

Conservation 1.25.16

CPA 1.21.16

City Council 1.20.16

City Council Appt 1.20.16

ZBA 1.14.16

City Council Finance 1.13.16

Conservation Commission 1.11.16

The Storyteller 1

The Storyteller 2

The Storyteller 3

Planning Board 1.19.16

School Committee 1.12.16

City Council Appt 1.6.16

City Council 1.6.16

City Council Orientation 1.6.16

City Council Organizational Meeting 1.4.16

Licensing Board 1.4.16

Easthampton Elected Officials Swearing In Ceremony 2016

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