Fantastic December Art Walk…

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Masala Jazz

Masala Jazz brought an incredible sound with funky yet smooth rhythms.  A truly enjoyable experience.  We’re so glad they could spend the evening with us. (Drums- Scott Paquette, Bass- Noah Altman, Guitar- SiriNam Khalsa) 

Pat Crutchfield, our artist in residence, was also on hand to discuss her photographic work of New York City.

A big shout out to our crew; production coordinator: Jackson Foote and camera operators: Aaron Chittilappilly and Jack Ormsby!

Thank you to all who came to enjoy the night with us.

2023 Art Walks

We would like to recognize all of our performing and visual artists who have been a part of our Art Walk events this past year.

  • Glen Petit
  • Billy Moon
  • Luke DeRoy
  • Matt Emery
  • The Raging Grannies / Sazzie Brass
  • Rosie Porter and the Neon Moons
  • Helen Hummel
  • Masala Jazz
  • Gary Lippincott
  • Sara Gately
  • Madge Evers
  • Diane Savioli-Chase
  • Dawn Allen
  • Pat Crutchfield

*Previous Art Walk performances can be viewed on-demand through our website, and YouTube channel.

A Special Thanks to…

Our Board members for their ongoing support of our community outreach and events.

Erica Ann Beaudry, Jonathan Schmidt, Nilda Cohen, Frank Talarico, Kenneth Peters, Nathan Markee, and Chris Ferry

-E•Media “Committed to Community”