E•Media Studio Presents “Journeys in Hope” by Doris W. Madsen

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E•Media is honored to host the transformative art exhibit “Journeys in Hope,” featuring the compelling works of mixed media artist Doris W. Madsen. This thought-provoking installation is open for viewing now through the end of April, inviting audiences to explore the depth of human experience across different times and places.

In “Journeys in Hope,” Madsen delves into the essence of our collective and individual paths, focusing on those who have faced adversities due to political turmoil. Through her innovative use of paper bags as a primary medium, Madsen transcends traditional artistic boundaries to create large-scale wall drawings and installations that speak volumes of activism, hope, and kindness.

Madsen’s artist statement sheds light on her creative process and inspiration: “Each person has their journey, the way we spend our days, our hopes, and dreams. I reflect here on the journeys of people all over the world and at all times, especially those who have endured hardships due to political forces.” Her work is a testament to the resilience and shared humanity that binds us, aiming to inspire reflection and empathy among viewers.

The artist’s technique is a masterful blend of mixed media, requiring her to prime paper bags to accept a variety of paints, inks, and drawing materials. Madsen employs a mix of mark making, monotype processes, screen printing inks, stamped words, and the use of repeated symbols, to layer concepts of activism and hope throughout her pieces. This approach not only enriches the visual experience but also embeds deeper meaning into the fabric of her art.

Visitors are invited to engage with “Journeys in Hope” not just as spectators but as participants in an ongoing dialogue about our world and the myriad journeys we undertake. The exhibit includes a guestbook for reflections and thoughts, encouraging a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Madsen is also open to receiving feedback and suggestions via email at doriswmadsen@gmail.com, further fostering a community around her work.

Don’t miss the chance to witness “Journeys in Hope” at E•Media Studio, an exhibit that promises to resonate with your own personal journey and inspire a collective vision of a more hopeful and kind-hearted world. Doris will be in attendance during Art Walk Easthampton on March 14, and April 11, 2024.

Dorris W Madsen

Exhibit Details:Title: Journeys in Hope by Doris W. Madsen
Dates: Now through the end of April
Opening Hours: M-W, F 10a – 6p, Th 10a – 8p
Admission is free and open to the pubic

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