Mujéres Co-Labor 4 Peace (MC4P), episode 14

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We’re pleased to announce another episode of MC4P, ep. 14: Cultivating Joy in Earth (day) Actions, EV History and global CO2 Weight

 This episode includes an educational segment for students grappling with the intersectionality of climate change, capitalism, and misogyny that is balanced with heart centeredness, discussion of how to take action, how to cultivate motivation, and the trustworthy wisdom keepers holding the weight of these realities. Dive into the history of the electric car and why fossil fuels overtook what Thomas Edison called the superior technology. Features MaMuse, Linda Hogan, Elizabeth Kolbert, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Pema Chodron, Extinction Rebellion and the Red Rebel Brigade. -Produced by Wren Rebeiro @inner fortune


Easthampton public cable channel 191





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