Mujéres Co-Labor 4 Peace (MC4P), episode 16

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We’re pleased to announce another episode of MC4P: Hope Changes Everything with Mary McClintock

Watch (or listen to) an activist who lives as if activism were her rent for living on this beautiful planet. A healer of misogyny, capitalism, and climate change through decades of peace vigils and advocacy for housing and food sovereignty, and making spaces for intergenerational lesbian connection and celebration — including in an upcoming pride parade, Mary McClintock knows activism. Her stories inspire shifts in perspective about capitalism and choice. Her sheros are many. And this intimate conversation with host Wren Ribeiro will “hope-fully” uplift your spirits and strengthen your resolve for getting vocal and public about what feels important to you.    -Produced by Wren Rebeiro @inner fortune


Easthampton public cable channel 191




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