Mujéres Co-Labor 4 Peace (MC4P), episode 19 Part 2

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We’re pleased to announce MC4P Episode 19 Part 2: Interrelationship Insights and the Healing Histories Project with Susan Raffo

Being concrete with words in order to not override emotions like fear. Talking about injustice or harm directly about real people and real situations — not vaguely — so that language doesn’t perpetuate more fear. Words are magic and deserve to be alive — in us and in between us. 

Join Mujéres Co-Labor for Peace for the second half of this dive into how language connects or disconnects, Susan’s experience co-laboring on the Healing Histories Project and their beyond impressive 500 plus year timeline of the medical industrial complex through stories of care and control.

-Produced by Wren Ribeiro @inner fortune


View on Easthampton public cable channel 191


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